The mission of Workman Ministries is to educate to freedom and good consciences. Helping individuals escape problematic lives to stable productive ones. Fully committed to the belief, the truth sets free. Exercising the wisdom that is from above, which is pure, peaceable, gentle, easily intreated, merciful, good, impartial, and without double standards. Adhering to the principles of patience, kindness, and selflessness, rejecting condemnation of any type.

Addictive disorders and other adverse quality of life issues are complicated and are often symptoms of underling issues. Physical and mental disabilities, early childhood development failures, socially inflicted wounds and ignorance are some of the culprits. Every life has its unique set of issues. Personnel at Workman Ministries have lived with debilitating anxiety, addiction, fear, paranoia, jail, hospitals, homelessness, relapse and self-condemnation. Told ourselves countless times, “I’m not doing this anymore”, then unable to quit, do it again. Ashamed, depressed and broke again. An endless cycle of hopelessness.

While life will be tough at times, there is a Way to peace, happiness and contentment. A Way free of shame and self-condemnation. A Way to stability and respect. Personnel at Workman Ministries are committed to sharing the knowledge of that Way and providing patient caring support during healing and learning processes.

The journey from bondage to freedom is exactly that, a journey. While on that journey, shelter, food and clothing will be supplied to those who need it as resources permit.