This blog this child’s effort to share the knowledge of a wonderful Spirit supreme in knowledge, wisdom, and power. A Spirit without peer, at once faithful, caring, and fearfully righteous. Operating in the good pleasure of His own will. Indebted to no one. Creator of all things. The Heavenly Father of many, this child just one.

The Bible is, in part, an autobiography of the Supreme Spirit. Written by individuals while under His complete control. Compiled by individuals while under His complete control. Preserved over the ages by His absolute power. A spiritual book authored by the Supreme Spirit written in structure to communicate His nature and expectations to His fleshly creation. A guide to transformation from physical to spiritual existence. Understood not by academic means, but spiritual revelation.

Academic means depends on physical wisdom and intellect. It leads to division and foolish debates about minor and major stacks. The foolish notion that amplifications and contemporary translations will bring spiritual understanding. Error resulting from ignorance of the power of the Author and righteous understanding of His written word.

Righteous understanding comes as familiarity of the written word increases and the action of the Holy Spirit is sought. The Holy Spirit enables understanding at the direction of the Supreme Spirit. The timing and depth of understanding is at His sole discretion. Our responsibility is to familiarization and waiting on the Holy Spirit. The Supreme Spirit is the only entity that gives increase. Faith in His guidance and patience with the arrival of that guidance is a place of peace and rest.

Please accept this summary as just that. I intend to substantiate these understandings with scripture in future writings. Please feel free to comment on or challenge these beliefs. I am a student and open to instruction.

May you prosper as your soul prospers.

Love in Christ.